Welcome! Arrowglyph is an online services company operating in Los Angeles, CA and on the web, since 2012.

Locally and remotely, we help individuals and businesses with web development and digital marketing services, as well as through education via group courses and individual coaching.

On this site, we also blog about related topics.

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Arrowglyph was founded by Jose Cervantes. Continue reading to learn more about Jose.

Jose Cervantes, Founder

Jose CervantesHello, I’m Jose! Although I graduated college with a B.A. (Literature and Film, 2007), I quickly gravitated toward tech soon after both for professional and personal reasons. Clients and students always ask me, “What’s the best way to get started online?” I share my story: my interest in creative writing and literature is actually what first got me hooked with web development!

My first personal project was an online short-story publication and fiction podcast (ShortStoryGuy). I would write short stories, and feature the works of other writers, as well as interview them via an audio podcast.

I had a great time creating content, but to get my content online, I had to learn various skills — from the basics of domains and web hosting, to which CMS and platform I should use, to content strategy, SEO, social media marketing, digital analytics, email marketing and more.

A couple of personal projects was the perfect way for me to learn these skills, and soon after I began to freelance and work with individuals and small businesses (not to mention venture into other personal projects).

In all, I’ve accumulated a decade of experience helping individuals, small businesses and eventually corporations operate and succeed in online business. I’ve worked for corporations such as Herbalife Nutrition, Fox Networks Group, General Assembly and OceanX. I have also helped small businesses, whether it’s real estate agents, gyms, personal trainers or coffee shops! And, of course, the individuals behind the businesses.

With regards to teaching, although I had a brief experience teaching Spanish to public 8th grade students, it was in 2015 that I took my interest in teaching to the tech world. Since 2015, I’ve been teaching computer-related subjects in the areas of digital marketing, coding and web development in off-and-online coding workshops and bootcamps. My students vary from high school/college age to professionals and elders. In my spare time, when I’m not teaching or working full-time at a software company in Los Angeles, I continue to enjoy guiding and tutoring individuals through the skills needed online today. Specifically, I specialize in teaching HTML, CSS, WordPress, Digital Marketing (SEO, content marketing, analytics, data analysis) and Python programming.


My teaching style is friendly and approachable. I like to break things down to granular levels if needed so that a student can understand the details while also getting the bigger picture. I’m detail-oriented in my own learning, so I don’t leave any rock uncovered with my students. My goal is to teach students everything I know, but at a customized pace. If a student needs a faster pace (as with technology, we’re all at different levels), I change my style to meet a student at his/her speed. After a session or two, I’m confident students feel incrementally more knowledgeable about a subject than before, because I share a lot of information but also in a way that make sense. And of course, I preach practice and desire.

If you have a project, business or an idea and want to have it succeed online, that’s great motivation!

Consulting and Professional Services

While tutoring/coaching/teaching is more educational, with the goal of having others learn through the process, I also freelance and offer consulting and professional services. This is best for individuals and businesses who need certain tasks or projects done, without necessarily wanting or needing to learn in the process. Contract work is great because it allows me to keep my skills sharpened in the professional world, outside of the 9-5. My involvement in professional services is what helps keep my skills up to date, and gives me the ability to continue teaching students the most relevant skills and strategies.


Besides tech, I enjoy writing, learning, sports and exploring the outdoors whenever possible. I’m an obsessive NBA fan (as of August 2018, LeBron James is scheduled to play his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers — should be fun! And I also love the outdoors, as mentioned. Camping, hiking, traveling? All things I love doing whenever blessed with the opportunity.

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